Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution is the most effective mean of resolving dispute beyond the court. It is very much effective in reducing the bulk of cases pending in the courts. it is used to depict wide varieties of dispute resolving mechanisms. Besides, ADR also saves valuable time and cost involved in complex and lengthy litigation process.

We provide legal, commercial and strategic advice on a wide range of disputes beyond the court. Our focus is on providing result-driven solutions that minimize the risks and realistically assess the potential rewards. Our lawyers are experts in all forms of dispute resolution and are well placed to recommend the best process to suit our clients particular needs.

Our team of lawyers have not only conducted many Arbitrations and Mediation on behalf of the clients before at home but also abroad as much of our disputes work has an international element. We are frequently referred work by foreign law firms, particularly from EU and Asia.

We strongly advise our clients to consider the path of mediation seriously before going to court or commencing arbitration.

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