Labour and Employment law

In today’s litigious working environment, Labour and Employment related Laws are of great significance. Because, these laws determine obligations and liabilities specifically aimed at employers. Thus, legal issues arising out of the workplace are critical for both the employers and employees.

We Deal with labour and employment related laws on behalf of the employer and the employee. We have done the first unofficial translation of the Bangladesh Labour Act 2006 from Bangla to English. Resolving dispute between employer and employee, preparation of employment/service contacts, HR manuals, Codes of conducts, different employee policies and procedures are our areas of interest. We have been conducting workshops and seminars on labour and employment issues., we have provided the first official training on the 2013 amendment of the Bangladesh Labour Act to the high officials of the Ministry of Labour& Employment, Govt of Bangladesh.  We have been advising more than 500 companies on employment issues as well as ILO and other international organizations. We have dealt with high profile issues of industrial relations and labour disputes. We are presently conducting more than 100 labour court cases.

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